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Available Only in New York and Accepting Several Major Insurance Providers

Specializing in perinatal mental health, motherhood, and fertility, I offer compassionate and expert support to women navigating the unique challenges of pregnancy, postpartum, and the journey to motherhood. Whether you're struggling with mood disorders during pregnancy, experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, adjusting to the demands of new motherhood, or facing fertility-related stress, my goal is to provide you with personalized counseling, techniques, tools and guidance to help you navigate this time as smoothly as possible. 

Main counseling available:

  1. Perinatal and High-Risk Mental Health Counseling: I offer therapeutic support for women dealing with anxiety, depression, mood swings, and other mental health concerns during pregnancy and postpartum.

  2. Motherhood Counseling: I help mothers cope with the emotional and psychological adjustments that come with motherhood, including identity shifts, relationship changes, and self-care strategies.

  3. Fertility Counseling: For individuals or couples navigating fertility challenges, I provide a supportive space to explore emotions, coping mechanisms, decision-making, and strategies for resilience.

  4. Grief Counseling: Grief comes in many different forms, including miscarriage, stillbirths, terminations for medical reasons (TFMR) as well as other internees grief during times the perinatal period. We will navigate, process and identify effective and healthy coping skills while you grieve. 

Insurances Accepted:

  • Independent Health

    • Nova healthcare 

  • BCBS of Western NY/Highmark 

  • Empire BCBS (Blue Card Network) includes but not limited to:

    • Anthem 

    • Excellus

    • Massachusetts   

    • Horizon’s of NJ

  • Cigna

    • Evernorth

  • Aetna

    • Meritain Health 

  • Optum

    • UHC

    • Oxford

    • Oscar

    • UMR

    • UHC student Resources

    • Allsavers UHC

    • Havard Pilgrim

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Available in all 50 states.

Coaching Services for Women, specializing in support for those in various life stages such as pregnancy, postpartum, transitioning to motherhood, and contemplating career changes. With the freedom of working across state lines, as well as not having to medicalize or be held to a diagnosis we can have more flexibility to work your specific goals. 

  My coaching is designed to empower and guide women through these transformative phases, addressing a range of concerns including self-care strategies, parenting challenges, career exploration including transition to stay at home mom, and goal setting. Whether you're navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood or considering a career shift, My compassionate and personalized approach aims to help you thrive in every aspect of your life. Contact me today to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

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Good Faith Estimates show the costs of items and services that are reasonably expected for your health care needs for an item or service. The estimate is based on information known at the time the estimate was created. The Good Faith Estimate does not include any unknown or unexpected costs that may arise during treatment. You could be charged more if complications or special circumstances occur. If this happens, federal law allows you to dispute (appeal) the bill. If you are billed for more than this Good Faith Estimate, you have the right to dispute the bill. You may contact the health care provider or facility listed to let them know the billed charges are higher than the Good Faith Estimate. You can ask them to update the bill to match the Good Faith Estimate, ask to negotiate the bill, or ask if there is financial assistance available. You may also start a dispute resolution process with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). If you choose to use the dispute resolution process, you must start the dispute process within 120 calendar days (about 4 months) of the date on the original bill. There is a $25 fee to use the dispute process. If the agency reviewing your dispute agrees with you, you will have to pay the price on this Good Faith Estimate. If the agency disagrees with you and agrees with the health care provider or facility, you will have to pay the higher amount. To learn more and get a form to start the process, go to or call 1-800-985-3059. For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate or the dispute process, visit or call 1-800-985-3059.

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