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Book of the Month: June

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The Collapse of Parenting by Leonard Sax, MD PhD

Quick Overview

This book would perhaps be considered slightly more controversial than some of the other books I've read lately especially given our culture of letting children be as an independent as possible. That being said, this is an AMAZING book. Leonard discusses how as a society we have created a lot of the problems we now complain about (think about how young people are frequently called snowflakes, or millennial and Gen Z'ers will openly boast of taking their anti-anxiety meds with their daily Starbucks). This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down either as millennial parents are now giving their children more freedom/independence and less authority, than ever, again he notes that while this seems like it would produce independent adults often has the opposite effect along with an increase in depression, anxiety and health related concerns in adulthood.

Samantha's Take Away

Being a millennial myself, I can absolutely see the ramification of what Leonard discusses. Not only in my generation but also in our children's; we only need to go online for a few minutes to see the "Montessori mom's" "crunchy mom's" etc. etc. who are touting that they let their children fall asleep when they want, choose what schools they wants, cook their own foods etc. This book made me more aware of when I need to assert my authority as the parent and adult in the household. I certainly will pick my battles and you may find my oldest going out in public in a tutu or pajamas (I'm only human) but I've found that even small amount of authority (i.e. I'm only going to tuck you into bed once) doesn't take long before routine and habits become normalized, and tantrums minimized!

Rating 10/10

Highly recommend this book for anyone who has children and is need of some support with a more balanced approach to parenting.

**This is not sponsored and opinion's are solely Samantha Green's and are for educational and entertainment purposes**

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