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Why is motherhood so hard?

It's so natural, we've been doing this literally for thousands of years but it feels so much more difficulty in the 21st century, what's the deal?

It's important to remember that every generation has its own difficulty I truly do think that right now in the 2020's, it really is more difficulty for one single reason. Loneliness. With social media we may feel connected but people more lonely than ever before. We work remotely, we move away from family or friends for college or careers and we've lost the support network of women that our mothers and grandmothers had.

Even if your fortunate enough to live close to family, most new grandparents are still working. More young people are pushing off having kids, so you may be one of the first in your friend group to have children. This and more are contributing to an extreme feeling of loneliness.

The solution? Every parent is looking for a network too! So someone will have to put themselves outside their comfort zone, and once you do it will be easier the next time.

If you see your kid play with the same at daycare, introduce yourself to their parent!

At the play ground and your kid and another are getting along really well? Introduce yourself!

Is your child older? Join the PTA!

The possibilities are endless, and while it's simple I understand it's not always easy for some people. Start small and say hi!

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