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How to Calm Down Fast!

Updated: 5 days ago

Feeling overwhelmed at home, or with life? Here's one quick way to quickly calm down and start thinking straight!

The chaos of life can be overwhelming, The noise, the ever growing list of to-do's, commute, chores, kids schedules etc. At times we may find our heart rate starting to increase, and find it difficult to concentrate at whatever task is at hand. Here is one quick way to calm yourself quickly and avoid any rage/anger or panic attacks.

This technique, Belly Breathing or Diaphragmatic breathing, works best if you're feeling slightly elevated/anxious/nervous. Think of a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst panic attack you can imagine, 1 being fine. If you're between 1-5 this is the skill for you! If you're between 6-10 and already on the verge of a panic attack it may not be the most useful skill, I'll provide another skill in a future blog.

Step One: Notice how you feel and get somewhere safe

When starting to practice this, I would make sure you're sitting down, and in a safe place (i.e. not driving, operating heavy machinery etc.) Ideally lay on the floor or bed at first to practice, but a chair can work just as well!

Easy, right?

Step Two: Place your hands on your stomach

As adults we breath in and our chest typically expands, not our belly. We want to go back to using our whole diaphragm to breath and as a result will see your belly expand outward when you breathe in.

It feels weird at first, and putting your hands on your belly to feel it go up and down can be an easy way too practice.

Step Three: Take 10 belly breathes

This will take about 30 seconds. I don't want you breathing so deep that see you stars, but you will feel loosey-goosey afterwards (imagine how you feel after you take one shot).

This is the effect were looking for, just calming down your nervous system a little bit.

If you need to take another 10 breathes after, go right ahead! It's not a magic pill but its an easy and quick way to feel better quicker!

Good luck and I hope this small trick helps you!

**Please be aware this is not a substitute for medical advice or therapy, if you are concerned you may have a medical condition see a doctor immediately and if anxiety persist reach out to a therapist in your state**

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